Seco Machine

About Us


Since 1985 in the heart of Canton, Ohio. Seco Machine started their journey as a small family-owned operation in the machining industry. The company quickly gained traction with local businesses who realized the quality of the machined products and the ability to fill orders quickly. While sales continued to increase. Seco outgrew the space they were in and moved to a location in North Canton. With an opportunity to relocate, they again moved their facility to where they now reside at their current home in North Canton.


Seco Machine recognizes the need to remain nimble and grow with their ever-changing customer needs and requirements. Currently, the nearly 120,000 sq ft shared facility houses floor space for ware housing, machining, and assembly. Seco continues to expand while remaining dedicated to excellence and maintaining a “customer first – we care” philosophy. We believe this keeps Seco on track for continued growth well into the future.

Innovation . . .

One of the attributes that distinguishes Seco Machine engineers and technicians is that they are never completely satisfied with a particular situation.  That’s because in today’s ever-changing global market, customer requirements are always emerging.  Seco Machine technologies are continuously evaluated based on customer feedback.  Our finest minds are constantly engaged in developing more innovative ways to provide solutions for customer needs and expectations.